All things LASER

All about the LASER

To sum it up: We cut and engrave all kinds of materials using a CO2 Laser of the newest generation manufactured by our friends at TROTEC.

The whole process of cutting and engraving materials involves a lot of testing and researching about settings and the how tos’s.

From the the first idea , to the the design process as well as the manufacturing  directly at our  laser, it is all done in our Studio in Wels/Austria.There are countless posibilities to work with our laser, hit us up if you need a custom quote.


Please find below the  fonts we use as standard lasercut fonts for personalisation.

 We do offer lasercuts in other fonts or also custom logos if provided to us in EPS, AI or OTF format. ( And given it is suitable to laser)

In any case it is important to understand that in order to make a lasercut it needs to be a connected grafic.

NOTE: Some fonts that are very fragile and thin may not be suitable to lasercut.

Higher prices in custom listings are due to the amount of graphic work that needs to be done especially for you.

Material Choices

We have plenty of cool materials to choose from. Foremost natural wood in several sizes and coloured acrylics ( see through / full coloured /mirror ).

Please find below a selection of our colour options regarding glitter & acrylics.If our custom colours don’t fit your needs or you need colour matching please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ordering Process personalized items

As soon as you purchased your personalized item an we recieved your payment (Either instanly via PAYPAL/CREDITCARD or via money transfer) produtcion will start.

„DEIN Caketopper“  is a product that is uniquely designed for you from scratch. This is why it may take some time to get the layout and the production perfect for you.

Please note that some products (e.g. „DEIN Caketopper“ ) may take up to 14 days processing time ( design- layout-production-mail out).

After you’ve chosen the perfect  design we will cut, process, paint your order and then carefully package it in order to get to you safely.


Personalisierte Caketopper, Cupcakepicks, Lasercuts und alle anderen Spezialanfertigungen , sind Einzelanfertigungen und daher vom Umtausch ausgeschlossen!

Der Laserschneideprozess kann, vor allem auf Holz, zu leichten Schmauchspuren führen. Das ist bei diesem Vorgang normal und kein Beanstandungsgrund.

Lackierte Produkte werden von uns per Hand bearbeitet und können daher unregelmäßigkeiten der Oberflächenbeschaffenheit aufweisen.

Farbabweichungen sind je nach Computerbildschirm möglich.

Wir  verpacken unsere Produkte sehr sorgfältig, jedoch kann es durch die filigrane Beschaffenheit zu Bruch beim Versand kommen.

Bitte die Verpackung und den Zustand unbedingt fotografieren und uns umgehen kontaktieren.

Herzlichen Dank