Things we’ve been asked before

Who the hell are you?

Good question. We search for the answer each and every single morning:)

We are a boutique creative squad specialised in realising detail loving requests regarding private and coorperate events, eventdesign & styling , creative solutions for all sorts of business ventures (Both the tiny and the big ones) , creative consulting , social PR , branding missions and so on.

There is an extensive array of vintage event items that can behired for partys, photoshoots special occasions and the likes. You name it!

On top of that we started a little Webshop called DieMacherei Shop in order to fulfill both stock and custom requests regarding personalised partyprops, decor and branding goods made out of  wood, acrylics and the likes.    Literally nothing we won’t try to lasercut, etch or engrave for you.

Please visit the „About us“ section to find more.

Let’s talk money, dinero , $$ ? How is your pricing?

This question can’t be answered to your content in this small FAQ section.

We offer an extensive array of services that simply come in all shades of  grey.

There are several packages to fit (most) needs but really everything inbetween is possible.

It is our firm believe that #detaillove is possible with every type of budget.

Please contact us directly for special quotations on our pricing.

Does your shop ship internationally ?

Actually we do as it’s simply very unsatisfying to find something you love in the width of the internet and not beeing able to get it.

Please email us for quotations and shipping costs for international orders.

Are you willing to travel ?

‚The heck, YES! If your needs require us to go the extra mile we will.

Please keep in mind that destination events do require quite some preparation. We would recommend starting your creative journey approximately one year ahead. (In an ideal world…:)

Can’t wait to hear your wildest ideas..


 To sum it up: We cut and engrave all kinds of materials using a CO2 Laser of the newest generation manufactured by our friends at TROTEC.

The whole process of cutting and engraving materials involves a lot of testing and researching about settings and the how tos’s.

From the the first idea , to the the design process as well as the manufacturing  directly at our  laser, it is all done in our Studio in Wels/Austria.There are countless posibilities to work with our laser, hit us up if you need a custom quote.


Collaborations anyone?

We simply love love love meeting new creatives in our field or the surrounding areas..

Please feel free to contact us if interested in colaborating but do note that we are a very tiny small business and it may take some time well in advance for us to hop onto the waggon.

We support an #alllove #nohate policy regarding other vendors offering similar services, so come hit us up to say hi any time..